Loving the logos projects. We just wrapped two identity projects for new businesses this past summer. Our first was for the Brickhouse, which is a LEGO® construction center for children (can adults play too?). The owners were looking for a mark that was both structural and creative, characteristics of LEGO® play. After this project wrapped, we visited the Brickhouse, and were impressed by the compelling branding used throughout their space. From the vibrantly painted store walls, down to the smallest flyer, the look is cohesive and unmistakably, the Brickhouse.

Another business start-up in need of a logo, was Annapolis Baby Consultant, an agency that educates, supports, and empowers parents as they navigate through the pregnancy world and beyond. Mandy, the owner, expressed the need for her company’s logo to be clean and sophisticated, but to also include a playful element. She feels we hit the mark with her logo—or shall we say, it’s as fresh as a newborn!


We kicked off March with creating a logo and poster design for the Annapolis first annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Given that this was a first-time event, the heat was on for creating an enticing look to attract the Annapolis community to attend the parade. Another challenge was the event logo needed to effectively work on large scale (banners) and small sizes (arm badges), and look great, at the same time. The parade was a hit, and we are now gearing up for the 2nd Parade.


Global Healthcare Marketing approached us for an entire brand to be created and designed. The look of the collateral materials would need an international feel, since this business hosts events all over the world. There were multiple pieces to this project, but one of our favorites was a small yet unique fold-out “leave-behind” brochure where the business card was clipped on by an airplane paper clip. International here we come!


Finalized a new website for Pfeiffer Government Relations. This is a Washington-based lobbying business--although
the subject matter leaned on the conservative, we made sure the design conveyed energy, originality and interesting photography. We also focused on unifying the branding with previous designed marketing pieces.


Big things come in small packages. Saval Creative welcomes baby Reed Saval. He's not computer-savvy yet,
but we'll keep him anyway.


Sodexo Health Care hired us to create two 10 ft x10 ft tradeshow booths, a version for the senior citizen division and another layout for the hospital team. Large-scale projects commonly present challenges during the design process. Bring it on! One situation encountered was finding fresh and dynamic imagery large enough for the booth.
With persistence, and a little Photoshop magic, we presented several appropriate solutions. We wrapped up
this exciting conference project by creating a deck of personalized playing cards for the booth give-away.


The National Retail Federation requested that we design an interesting lottery ticket holder as a give-away at their Annual Convention, called the BIG Show (celebrating 100 years!). We wanted to avoid the standard 8.5" x 11" printed brochure; their marketing team decided upon a 7"x 9.5" piece which barrel-folded down to 7"x 3.5" with pocket to hold the ticket. We ended up creating 2 printed versions--a lotto winner and no winner. Coupled with the interesting size and fold, along with the slick black and red color palette, a sexy end-product was produced.